New Website! Abandon Ship!

I am very excited to announce that I am transitioning off WordPress and on to a debloated, plain html site, hosted for free on Github.

Go check out my new site:

I will be moving my articles from here to there over the next couple months: you can read my inaugural article on defending Justified True Belief Accounts of Knowledge against Gettier’s specious attacks:

If you, my dear reader, are also on WordPress but are wondering lately whether it is worth the cost, perhaps do what I did. Search the terms ‘Hugo’ and ‘Netifly’–or alternatively host the site on any number of platforms–to get the info on what to do. Youtube tutorials are an excellent resource on these and other ‘techy’ topics.

Speaking of Youtube, I will start posting videos, but it is taking me much longer than I expected to get what I want working. Soon.

Thank you for reading my WordPress blog. I never advertised/promoted it and always meant for it to be my sketchpad for working out my ideas. The new website is different just in that I will be more public with it and use it to exhibit and seriously engage in a wider range of philosophical topics. That said, I sure do love my Truth-Functional-Logics-Which-Adhere-To-The-Law-Of-Excluded-Middle. Don’t expect that to change on the new site.




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